I will bring ethics, transparency, integrity, and passion to Escondido and serve our residents with pride. #OneEscondido

I grew up in Escondido and have been a resident of the city for over 35 years. I've stepped up to run and challenge a longtime incumbent because I have witnessed residents being dismissed and little to no action on critical issues affecting our city. Our leaders have become comfortable in seats they have held on for years. We deserve leaders that are responsive to the needs of our residents. Having lived in District 1 most of my life, I understand the issues of the city and our neighborhoods. I'm running to lead and to ensure no neighborhood is left behind. I'll be a listener and respond to residents' needs. I'll bring ethics, integrity, and passion to Escondido leadership and serve our residents with pride.

I stand for strong neighborhoods and creating a thriving city that is inclusive and innovative. If elected, I pledge to:

- Invest in infrastructure where it's most needed. By providing safe streets and sidewalks, we can safely walk, bike, and drive. (Did you know that District 1 has the highest traffic collision/injuries and pedestrian deaths in the city?)

- Ensure our parks are safe spaces for our youth and families

- Do more to support small businesses and attract new business to our city

- Connect residents to the critical city services they need

- Support our veterans and seniors

- Address homelessness and the affordable housing shortage

- Unite our city and put Escondido on the map for it's positive attributes.

I would be honored to be your representative for District 1. Please contact me, I love to connect with my neighbors!

With love for Escondido,