Why I'm Running

As a long-time resident of Escondido, I love this community and our potential to be a more prosperous, welcoming, and safe city. For over a decade, I have witnessed our city leadership fail us by cutting core services, exposing us to unnecessary and costly lawsuits, and make decisions that diminish our quality of life.

I've stepped up because we deserve better. As your City Council representative, I will always put our residents and our city first. I'll be a listener and respond to your needs—not special interests. I will take action to bring the change we want to see in our city. If elected, I will bring ethics, transparency, integrity, and passion to Escondido leadership and serve our residents with pride. #OneEscondido

Questions? Want to volunteer? Contact our team at TeamConsueloD1@gmail.com

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Be a Voter

If you're reading this, you probably intend to vote (Great!!) Now what?

1. Make a plan

Where is your polling place? What time will you go? How will you get there? Get specific, detailed, and put it on your calendar. Life can be busy and hectic, so the better we plan the more likely we are to be the voter we want to be.

2. Be a Voting Buddy!

Do you have a gym buddy who keeps you accountable? A voting buddy is the same concept: somebody to keep you motivated when the excuses to skip it start creeping in. Find 1-3 friends, neighbors, or coworkers and motivate each other to make it happen!

We can help!

If you have questions or you'd like someone from our team to help you, contact us at 760-297-6208 or TeamConsueloD1@gmail.com.

And call us if you need a ride! We will have free rides to the polls on election day, Tuesday, November 6th

Questions? Call us! 760-297-6208